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  1. If he ever hurts someone else, you have nothing to do with it. It would be NOT your fault. We had to deal with the same moral and ethical issues as well, and decided that my daughter's well being and her getting emotionally healthy and on the road to recovery was more important than pressing charges. We have a very strong suspicion that in the perv..'s family someone knew he was a predator, and yet no-one warned us. And as of today he does volunteer work in the youth group in his church, and he is in the health profession, and does "school physical" visits. Again, no-one told us anything. This does mean not we do not want to warn anyone as a retaliation. I have seen how fragile my kid still is, and I fear that any legal proceeding could totally undo 4 months of intense therapy work. She is still cutting, still suicidal, and barely hanging on, one day at the time. Her therapist called CPS, and she called the Sheriff of our county. We called the right people, now it is up to them. She spoke with a detective, and he was very understanding, took her statement, and said *he* wanted her to get better, first, and in a better place with her health, and he would keep the case open, work with us (the parents), and wait for her to make the final decision, if and when she feels OK with it. So, we sleep a bit better. What the perv. does, is HIS ultimate and he is responsible for HIS actions We are not. You are not.
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