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  1. Your concern is a wonderful thing and comes from a caring heart. Ultimately it is her decision whether to tell or not tell, and to whom she chooses to disclose this crime. Be supportive but not pushy. It's a difficult place to be in as her friend, Dave. I know you the best for her. However, if pushed too hard, she may retreat. Let her know you are 100% supportive and will stand by her no matter which decision she makes. Some counseling would be best. If she could contact a rape crisis hotline, that might be the first step in this process. Let her know she is not alone and can come to this sit
  2. Denali


    Hi Kaia, You have a very pretty name! Please know you are among new friends here on AS. Whatever you've gone through, please do not feel you have to go it alone. Not only are there many of us here to bring support your way, I am hoping you have someone to confide in at school or other safe place. Take good care of YOU, hon. ~Anni
  3. Sun, You have had a very tough time being validated for what you went through as a very young child. It's inconceivable that a toddler could be violated so brutally, but then again, some depraved soul chose lust & evil desires rather than a healthy sense of protecting a child. Undeniably, you are in need of a therapist who doesn't engage in counter transference. That is UNETHICAL and highly unprofessional. You should report anyone who acts untoward with you. I hope you find a very supportive environment here on AS. This is a place you can find solace, comfort, guidance and lots of loving
  4. I like River's suggestion about a folder for expletives. As a NON-swearer, I'd appreciate it. Is there a NO Smoking Sign around, too.. jk.
  5. I so relate to your post. Giving support to others comes naturally, yet asking for help makes me too vulnerable. I fear no one would care.
  6. Denali

    New Guy

    Hi Alex, My hope is that you do receive lots of support here on AS. So sorry you are being contacted by your abuser again. Stay strong, and here's a hug if you want it.
  7. Hi Christy, I am happy to welcome you here among other survivors. I wish you every best in your journey toward healing and health. ~Anni
  8. Adam, Sending greetings to ya. The journey is long, but worth the effort to heal. Glad you are here. ~Anni
  9. Hi Viv, I do hope you reap the benefits of what this site provides. May this be a time of help and healing for you. ~Anni
  10. Hi Thistle, I am glad you are here and hope this site provides you helpful tools. ~Anni
  11. Tiff, Welcome to AS. I am gonna be 2 weeks old in here this Thursday! You will find lots of caring people to give you support. May this prove a time of healing and progress for you. Blessings, ~Anni
  12. Contact a chat administrator, Jess.
  13. Courtney, I think you are both brave and wise to begin taking steps to heal. This is a great place to vent, share, open your heart as there are some incredible survivors here with great insight, wisdom, and most importantly, a CARING HEART. I wish you every success. ~Anni
  14. I've been here a week and have found this site to be an extremely generous group of supportive friends. There is a reciprocal relationship here as well where you will be given lots of respect. I wish you every best. ~Anni
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