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  1. I think this is a good idea. This for me personally is a 'subject' i run away from, but I know I need to face. Having a specific forum/sub forum would help. Thanx for suggesting it Po
  2. I would smile from the heart I could take down the barrier wall around me I wouldn't wake up dreading the day ahead I could give the love i have without fear I would feel peace in knowing that when I die, my last thoughts/feelings would be totally unconnected to the abuse I could enjoy all the beautuful things in the world, without feeling any joy I feel is tainted Good question! - really got me thinking!
  3. Hi and welcome to AS It can be nerve racking to begin with, but just take your time. In my experience (I joined about 6 weeks ago) AS truley is a safe place, where people don't just listen, they hear you.
  4. AS is truley an amazing site an amazing community. If you had to leave what do you need to do and can all traces of a person be deleted when they leave AS?
  5. Hi my names Nikki. Wasnt sure whether to continue with this site (It took me 3 months to decide to register), I have never willingley acknowledged my past with anyone before, but so far you guys have made me feel safe in the knowledge that I am not alone. Gonna keep trying for a bit longer, my head isnt in a very good place at the mo, but i am trying. I'll stop waffling now. hello to all.
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