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  1. I understand how it can be. My family knows what happened to me, but they don't really understand it. If you need to talk one on one, I'm here. Good luck with your healing!
  2. Take it in steps. Don't ever apologize for having to take your time with something like this, it's not something that can be rushed. Glad you're back, though.
  3. pride


    Thanks for the welcome, everyone. c:
  4. pride


    Well, hello. I'm Pride, as you can probably tell by my nifty little handy-dandy name tag over to my left. I joined After Silence... maybe a month ago? After a friend of mine told me about it. Hi friend, if you're reading this. :3 I didn't change my online alias to join up here, though I considered it. I guess... I don't know. I feel safe enough that someone won't attribute the usual happy-go-lucky, sarcastic me to someone who would be on a survival forum? Uhhh... A few people know about why I'm here, though only one person knows that I'm here. Aforementioned friend. I turned 18 almost a mont
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