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    Studying, reading, walking, going to the gym, going on random spontaneous adventures, watching documentaries, playing with my kitten, shopping, listening to music (hip hop, top 40, R&B, anything really :) )

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  1. New Here, Hello To All!

    Heya! This is my first time ever posting on one of these things, so excuse my amaturishness lol. I guess to introduce myself, my name is Elise, Im 22 and a psychology student. I like to read, study, do logic puzzles, travel, volunteer, go walking and rock climbing, and Im completely obsessed with hats. Although I never talk to anyone about what happened to me, reading what you all have said has been very helpful and has inspired me to (sort of, kind of, almost, maybe, just about) think about maybe talking to someone, someday. So thanks. Anyway, Im no good at writing these things, but I just wanted to say hi, and that I think those of you who can speak so freely, openly and honestly are very brave, and quite amazing! I look forward to speaking to you, Elise