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  1. Unfortunately you can't do her healing for her. She's got to decided if and when she's ready. She's got to believe she's worth the investment of time and money that healing takes. She's got to be ready to expend the emotional energy. You can be there and love her and support her, but it's still up to her. Take good care of yourself because I think it can get really taxing to try to be there for someone going through this. There is a really good book called "Allies in Healing" that I gave to my partner. I think it's for partners of Childhood sexual abuse, but some of the info might be
  2. love her listen to her believe her respect her boundaries give her time to heal take really good care of yourself and get help if you need it remember that her healing is her job. You can be there to support her but you can't do it for her.
  3. I wouldn't second guess myself all the time. I would trust my gut. I would be able to set boundaries without guilt. I wouldn't feel so ashamed of my past. I wouldn't spend any more time in terror that it will happen again.
  4. I noticed another board I'm on does the same thing. Found out it even blocked the names of certain medications. Kind of freaked me out until I realized it was automatic. I was actually glad there, because I didn't want to cuss there, but posted something without editing, and then looked back at it. Since I'm dealing with emotional issues here, and can put a trigger warning, I wasn't worried about cussing here, but seems like it will still get filtered. Suggestion for the moderators....there's a notice about swearing in topic titles that specifically says its ok to swear in the post. Co
  5. I thought it was ok in the body as well, just not the title, but I just looked at a post I made today, and it's censored as well. I guess there's no point to me putting a trigger warning for cussing anymore.
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