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  1. As a mom of a survivor if she would allow me I would say to him: "She will still be free" OR "You won't get her fear" :punch: OK so today i had to see the man who hurt her and now i say............ "one day you will stop breathing!" :tantrum: :tantrum:
  2. Janey, I a, glad to know there are others who have the support of their mothers. It scares me how many mothers have helped the abusers. I promise you that your mom shares your pain on a level that she cannot put into words and would do anything for you to help heal your wounds. Sometimes I feel as if we were all victims in a way and that if I could carry my child's pain for her I would do it in a hearbeat! So glad you have support! you sound just like my mom <3
  3. visiongirl1


    I am so sorry to hear this story as I am a mother of a survivor who will do and has done all I can to find healing and advocacy for her. In all that I have learned, unfortunately it is quite common for people and family to gather around the abuser and blame the victims. Quite frankly it makes me SICK and I blame the way society as a whole looks at sexual abuse as a taboo. Perhaps one of the first things for you to focus on is how important healing is for YOU and only YOU and that you KNOW you are telling the truth. There are and will be others who will hear your story with an empathetic ear
  4. Hello Everyone, I am new here and I am a parent of a teenage survivor of sexual abuse. We are just beginning her process of healing after finally getting the correct diagnosis of PTSD after many, many years of struggles in life and at school. My child is still in the place of denial and using strong mechanisms to hinder her healing so not to re-experience the traumas she suffered as a child. We left the abusive dynamic many years ago as soon as I saw the light of what was happening and have struggled ever since. I would like the group to know that I am, have been, and will continue to be a
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