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  1. Hi

    Welcome I'm glad you are here.
  2. Hello

  3. Hey :)

    Welcome I'm glad you found this site too, you definitely are not alone.
  4. So true. I've had someone say to me that it was basically my fault because I didn't stop it. And I had someone ask if I liked it.
  5. Greetings, All

    Edit: Just got a new kitty that looks very similar. He is my avvie now
  6. Greetings, All

    Welcome, Tom This is definitely a supportive group of people. I hope you are able to have a positive experience here.
  7. Hi!

    Welcome It's natural to be nervous, I was too. Just know you are surrounded by supportive and caring people.
  8. Hello Everyone

    Welcome We will all be here for you when you are ready to talk.
  9. You won't control me anymore.
  10. A Little Scared.

    Thank you for your kind replies.
  11. A Little Scared.

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself into this forum. This seems like a good place to start my journey into healing.