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  1. Im New

    I am new here to, and still trying to figure out my way around here. I am glad that you are feeling safe enough to start telling your story.. I will pray for you as I do for all the others here and the ones still too scared to talk! God Bless.
  2. New

    Welcome to AS! I am here if you need someone to talk to. God Bless! TooScared
  3. Having A Really Bad Day!

    thnk you for the advice. I wish that I did have that option, but I do not. Plus I am super scared to be alone as the would is so fresh. I know I need to take care of myself or I will not be able to take care of my kids. Its just so hard to think about telling my very young boys what happend to me. I have seizures and they have seen me in the hospital and have seen me have many seizures and already have anxiety issues. I wish their was an easy answer, but I just can't find it. Thanks for your response as you were the only one to reply. I have called hotlines since the post and they are so short with me. I need to start seeing a T soon. I know I can't seal with this on my own.
  4. Intrudution

    Hope that you can find some comfort here. If you need to talk I am all ears! I am pretty new myself, and I am hoping to find some people who can relate and give me advice.
  5. Having A Really Bad Day!

    The past few days have been really scary for me. My hands and feet keep going from burning hot .. to ice cold. It feels like they are on fire inside , but not to the touch. Then they tingle and become ice cold even to the touch. I think it's stress, but I am not sure. I have to go to get my test results Fri and I will have to take my kids with me ... trying to be positive, but there is the what if screaming in the back of my mind. How will I not fall apart in fromt of my kids if something is wrong. This past Sat I lost a friend to multiple gun shots, and she was such a great person, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is also the year anniversery of my brother passing this weekend and we are going to spread his ashes at the beach. I am not sure if I can handle anymore grief. I wish I could lock myself in the room and just cry for days. I need that and feel like I deserve it, but my kids need me too. I am so upset I can't stop the crocadile tears from falling and the stress of all this is about to cause me to seize. I am worried, and just need some advice. HELP!
  6. We want to believe the world is understandable. That life is fair. That things make sense. We want to believe that if we're careful enough, work hard enough, try hard enough, we and those we love will be safefrom anything bad. It's one of the biggest questions humans wrestle with- why somethings aren't fair. But even though we don't always have a neat answer to why things happen, we do have each other... and we have our faith Just a kind of faith that somehow, someday, suffering will end, good will be rewarded, love will endure, pain will be forgotten, light will scatter darkness, and our spirits will go on. ~Catherine Slater~ I found this to be so true. I have faith that WE all will get through this with each others love and support. We are survivors, and I am here for you all as you have been here for me. Thanks for all the love... TOOSCARED
  7. New Member

    Welcome home! I wish that you did not have a reason to be on here as do I, but the fact is we do. I was assulted last friday am .. and it was not the first time. I was about 8 when the 1st assult happened and i lived with the guilt , hurt , anger tec.. for years. I finally tried hypnotherepy and it worked. I am trying to save money so that I can go for this previous S.A. that happend. I was doing so great and I know that if you really want to move forward and have a future we have to let go of the past. WAY EASIER SAID THAN DONE, but I am here for you if you need advice. God Bless and I will pray for you.
  8. First Time Here

    I am new here too and I know exactly how you feel! I hope that you find comfort in knowing that people on here are so friendly and helpful. I will pray for you , and hope that you can walk without looking over your shoulder. I am in that stage right now. I need all the doors locked and have had my husband or friends here with me at all times. So I feel your pain there. If you want to talk I am all ears..
  9. Was This My Fault

    Thanks soo much <3 for your story. I am so glad that I found this site, cause I am trying so hard not to be a victim, but a survivor! Your story seems much like mine, and and I know if we could type everything it would take years. Point is .. I know I have to move forward for myself and my kids. I am sorry that you had to go through so much and deal with an A hole for a BF. Please keep intouch. I feel like you can really help me through this long bumpy road of healing. I believe that I will be even stronger than I was prior to my recent SA. I have devoted my life to shakin babies, and feel like after I heal from this I will finally put my story out there and help others who have been abused, whether sexualy, menatlly, or physically! GOD BLESS..
  10. Was This My Fault

    Thanks for the kind words and advice. I am ok with your story.. I need this and I know people have had it worse, and can teach me how to cope / deal with it.. Thanks
  11. Was This My Fault

    Hi , I would like to keep my name private so I am "tooscared" . I am a victim of a sexual assualt and need some people to talk to about this. I am running into dead end roads with all the hotlines and numbers they gave for me to call. I am reaching out in hopes to find and make friends with others who have turned this tragity into something positive. I am sure it will take a while, but I am a mother of two young boys who need there mom back. Not this one who wishes I could hide all day and night and never let them out of my sight. PLEASE HELP... Thanks TOO SCARED