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  1. Welcome Clearblue! I love your name! I am glad that you are back and hope that you find what you need this time around. I am a "fixer" too, like your partner. It is my nature to fix everything around me. I find it so difficult to sit by when I see someone suffering and not intervene. I understand the boundaries...especially being someone who has suffered deep trauma. I know first hand what its like to not want to talk, and that I am not someone who can simply be "fixed". And even knowing that...I still find it nearly impossible to not be a "fixer". It's part of who I am. But I also
  2. Hi Daisy!! Beautiful flower!! My favorite! (I love the name Hannah too) Welcome to AS. I hope that you find this place welcoming...it is a great place to journey towards healing. Many wonderful people. Gentle hugs if ok... M
  3. Welcome back!! I hope that you stay and find support, love, and healing! M
  4. Hi Jolena! Welcome to AS. I found too, that it was hard to find responses to my posts. But if you go to your profile, click on your name and view members posts...you can go back to each post that you wrote and see any comments that way. It is very easy...instead of trying to manually go back through each thread. But you are right, when searching through, you always end up reading something else that is helpful. This place has so much to offer and is a wonderful place for healing, support, understanding, and every other emotion that could be out there. M
  5. Welcome Meg! I am glad that you are here! Your future plans sound wonderful M
  6. I am glad you decided to take this step too! Welcome!! This place has been really great and I hope you find it that way too!
  7. Welcome Sparkle! I think this is the perfect place for you to be. I hope you in time you agree. It has been a wonderful place for me in the month or so since I have been here. Safe hugs to you if that is ok.
  8. Hi Judith, I just sent you a message as well Marie
  9. srvd10


    I think that if you are posting here, you've already begun to heal. Everyone is different. It takes your own pace, your own time.
  10. Hi Allen, I can relate. A lot. 10 years later I am finally dealing with this. I always knew this happened and that it happened to me, but every time I talked about it, it was like it happened to someone else. I never on an emotional level allowed myself to believe that it was me. I am working through the same things and its scary. Let me know if you need a hand to hold. Gentle hugs if ok. Marie
  11. Hi Nino! Welcome to AS. I am glad that you have found this place. I share your love of tats as well I have 4 and want more! I hope this place brings you some peace.
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