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  1. hi. You are so very not alone in your feelings. I too so very much separate intimacy from love. I have been in a relationship for 4 years with a wonderful man. I used to look at, flirt, talk to ..... men all the time. It was almost like a need that I had to fullfill, regardless of me being in a relationship. Although my intent was never to hurt the man I was with, my desire to be found attractive to other men was very strong. We have had several break ups over the past 4 years and the first thing I did was find a man to be with, did not matter if I even really liked him. I found it very very easy to separate sex from any emotions. I finally realized, after much soul searching, that this was self destructive behavior (maybe a repercussion of my past abuse). Self destructive behavior can take many forms (drugs, alcohol) - for me it was men. I will not lie and say I still do not have those tendancies, I do. But, I am honest with myself and with my partner and I will tell him when I start to feel a need to "stray". He is very supportive of me. Laslty, I think I have realized that I am a good, beautiful person who does not need a man to define her. This is a hard one for me as I so want acceptance from men (again, reprecussion from my past). But, I know how to stop and not cross those lines again. So, your feelings are not uncommon at all.
  2. Hello. I sent you an email asking you a question about how you found out about your daughter. I hope you do not mind. I too feel like the more we speak our stories, without shame or guilt, the more we help not only ourselves but others. Anna
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    Healing, for me, is on ongoing process. Each and every day I wake up I make a promise to myself that I will continue my road to recovery. You have taken the first step, that is very brave of you. Sometimes it is baby steps and sometimes the steps are leaps and bounds. You have support here Anna
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    Welcome. You are not alone here and the support I have received during my short time on this sight has been tremendous. Anna
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    Welcome. The first steps are hard. I think you will find a lot of support here, I know I have. Anna
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    Welcome. You will find much support here.
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    Hello There!

    Welcome, hope you find this site as benefical as I have.
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    Welcome to AS. I hope you find this site beneficial. Anna
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    Hey As

    You are not alone. Welcome to AS. After I joined, I found the strength and courage to tell my story to other.
  10. Welcome to AS. You have found support here
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    Hi There

    Hello April, I am new here as well and have found this site very helpful. You will find a lot of support and encouragement here. Welcome
  12. Welcome. I am new here as well and have found this site a God send for me. Hope you find it helpful as well. Anna
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    My First Day

    I think you will find this site very supportive and helpful, it has been a god send for me ! Welcome
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    Hi - I am new here to (about a week) - I have found this site a god send for me. There are very supportive, understanding and and caring people here. I hope you find it as very helpful as I have. Keep up the strength.
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    Hi nikki. I joined this site a week or so ago and have found it to be the most helpful for me in my healing process. You are not alone nor will you be judged or need to put on a mask in here. This site has truely been a godsend for me. Keep up the strength.
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