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  1. alp

    Hi There.

    Welcome I read your blog. It gave me hope, thank you. You have a lot of strength and courage. Anna
  2. Welcome. This site is a great support. I am so very happy you are suppporting your wife. That will mean the world to her. Anna
  3. alp

    Hi :)

    Hi Jazz, You will find a lot pf wonderful people here. Welcome. Anna
  4. alp


    Welcome I hope you find comfort here. Anna
  5. Welcome Baroness This is a very supportive community. Anna
  6. alp

    Hi Again

    Take your time. We are here to support you. Anna
  7. Welcome. I hope you find this site as supportive as I have. You are brave at taking your first step towards healing. Anna
  8. Welcome. You are not alone. Anna
  9. alp

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome. You should be very proud of yourself for taking this first step ! I hope you find peace and comfort here. Anna
  10. alp

    Um, Hi?

    Welcome Milika. You will find tremendous support here Anna
  11. alp


    Welcome JenD Take your time. I hope you will find comfort here. Anna
  12. alp

    New Hope

    Welcome inigo From personal expereince, this site has really helped me find peace. It is full of understanding and caring people.
  13. alp

    Hey :)

    Welcome. You are not alone
  14. alp


    Welcome, take your time. We are here to support you. Anna
  15. Hi and welcome. There is hope Anna
  16. alp


    Hi Katie Welcome Anna
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