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  1. Welcome. This is a great place to talk. Anna
  2. Welcome Katie. I hope you find comfort here. Anna
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    Glad you found your way here. Welcome to AS. Anna
  4. Hi krista Tips on getting started: Post what you are comfortable with, take your time if needed. We are here to support, care and help you. There is no judgement here. This is a wonderful site. I am glad you have found AS. Anna
  5. Welcome to AS. I can relate to your post all too well. I am 45 and I "crashed" after my dad was convicted of having inappopriate material on his computer - he is now a registered sex offender. He also molested me and my sister and several others as children. I too held a high level management job for 19 years. I too was the one people wanted to be like. I always had a smile on my face, always cracking jokes, the real life of the party. All the while my insides were crying. I too felt death (by natural means) would be better than how I felt. I have been laid off for 6 months and only now have a temp job (thank goodness I got a good severance package). I am only now beginning to look for a job - my anxiety level was too high before. I too am on medication for depression and anxiety and will probably remain on them for a while. I came to this site 6 months ago - I have posted my story, told my family of my abuse and confronted my father (who denied everything, but that is ok). I have found strength here and I feel like I am on my way back up. I ahve set boundries and limitations with my family. It does get better. Truely it does. What may seem hopeless today may not be tomorrow. You have a wonderful family, you are smart, you have survived. You said that you could have said "no" - you were a child, he your father. You did not know how to say no. You may have thought it but the dymanics of the relationship did not let you say that word. I wanted to say no as well, but I could not. Does that make you to blame ? Absolutely NOT. Your father is to blame, not you in any shape or form, you were a child, he the adult. That is a powerful relationship - you could not have said no. A child would not have said no. He, and your older cousin, took advantage in the worst way of that relationship between a father / adult and child. My advice: Take one day at a time, one minute at a time if you have to. Know that you are worthwhile. (I say this to myself everyday:" I grow in peace, security and serenity every minute, every hour, every day"). Know that you have taken the first step, a brave step, by posting here. It takes time but it does get better. Feel free to PM me anytime. I am here to support you.
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    Welcome Glad you made your way to AS. It is a very caring and supportive site. Anna
  7. Welcome. I hope you find comfort and support here. Anna
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    Hi Amma, You are brave to have posted. I hope you find comfort here. Anna
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    Hi Heather, Welcome - I think you will find this site very supportive. Anna
  10. Glad to have you here. Welcome. I hope you find comfort here. Anna
  11. Welcome to AS Steph. Anna
  12. I think you will find this site very supportive, comforting and caring. You are not alone. Anna
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    Wecome. You are brave to take this first step. Anna
  14. alp

    Hi New

    Welcome to AS. I hope you find comfort here Anna
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    Hi and welcome. I do think you will find this site helpful in your healing process, I know I have. You are brave to share your first post ! Anna
  16. Welcome to As. I think you will find that you are not alone here. This is a very supportive site. We do not know how to stop it. I thought the same thing, but now realize that regardless, I had no power to stop it. Do not blame yourself, I hope you find comfort here. Anna
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    Welcome. This site is full of wonderful people. You will find support here ! Anna
  18. Hi Astrid I hope you find some comfort here. This site has a lot of wonderful people on it. Welcome. Anna
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    Welcome to AS. I hope you find comfort here. Anna
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    Welcome. I hope you find this site as helpful as I have. Anna
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