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  1. Welcome. I too repressed memories for years. You have much support here. Anna
  2. alp

    New here

    Hi Hazine. Welcome. You are not alone. Anna
  3. It has been a long journey.........

  4. Welcome. I have been a member of aftersilence for years and after a long break have returned. I too am a survivor of childhood abuse among other things. I have finally found my hapiness. A long awaited peace. your post is an aspiration to me and i am sure to others.
  5. Welcome BethMarie. We are the same age. I hope you find comfort here. Anna
  6. Yes, technology is wonderful Welcome. Anna
  7. Welcome Ariel Anna
  8. alp

    So New..

    Welcome. I too was very nervous about joining this site, let alone speak about my past. This site has been a blessig for me. There are so many kind, supportinve and caring people here. I hope you find comfort here. Anna
  9. Welcome. We are here to listen. Anna
  10. alp

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome. We are looking foward to getting to know you to. Anna
  11. alp

    New Here

    Welcome. We will be here to support and encourage you in your journey towards healing. Anna
  12. alp


    Welcome Laura. I hope you find comfort here. Anna
  13. Welcome. May you find comfort here. Anna
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