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  1. Hey Copper & Co, we miss you around here....hope you do decide to one day come back to AS. Ssssssparkles!! 

    1. crushedflower


      i miss you, too, Copper!

  2. My name is Andi, one of Copper's Insiders. I know the rules of After Silence, and I will do my utmost to heed them. In this post I briefly mention SI. I have been around for a while, but deep Inside. I handed the first T the body went to...or at least the first who was worth the ink on her diploma. So it makes perfect sense to me (and my sense of balance) that I first resurface on the way to Aqua's. I like Aqua. We (me and Copper mostly) raised some very serious questions to her, and got some solid answers. It's not often that you can get a real, honest, answer out of a therapist, espec
  3. Today needed comfort food, so I cooked Low and Slow Chicken.
  4. I did a crossword puzzle while I waited on my ride to T.
  5. Haven't done it yet, but am debating fixing an actual meal for my bedtime snack. Haven't eaten much today and am actually hungry! Anyhow, for me today I sat and messed around on Pintrest for 2+ hours.
  6. Woke up feeling funky, so we stayed home and slept rather than going to the House of Worship.
  7. Skye here. I am one of Copper's Insiders. I know the rules and will adhere to them as best I can. This post carries a large TW. Tuesday's flashback was bad enough. Not much for details, but long on emotion. Days later and I can still feel Jet's cane coming down across my shoulders! But today...lord. We uncovered another part of why all of us hate being so cold. Can I get a ticket for Egypt, please??? 'Cause I want to go swimming in DeNile. Copper panicked halfway into the FB, so I rode (and wrote) it out. I really want to tear up those pages. Remembering a beating courtesy of Jet was
  8. I took physical care of myself (selves) after the double-whammy of T and a massive FB. Wrapped in a blanket with stuffies and our special hat that Aqua gave us. And I just stayed in my room after poking my head out to let New know we're okay. But mostly I stayed put and looked at pretty stuff on Pintrest.
  9. Writer, I do not know who you are, only that you are one of my Company of Insiders. If I could, I would say this to you directly, but I can't. Still. Thank you. The Dreamer read and heard your words. And I am thinking. -C
  10. Thanks, Angie. And feel free to call Jet and Rev anything you like-- even Teacher calls Rev an asshole from time to time! You are right, anger was never an emotion any of us were allowed to express. Any rebellion at all was rapidly snuffed out. I think it shocked Rev the first time I (and it was me that time!) really fought back. I screamed his insults right back...but he was still bigger, and the end was still ugly. But I think it shocked him when his tame little broken thing proved it had claws! As to that little featherbrained starlet... *sigh* I know she's young, and very sheltered.
  11. Skye here. One of Copper's Insiders. I know the rules and will heed them. *****This post carries a lot of Trigger Warnings, including CSA, and religion. You have been warned***** I just saw a bit on TV about some idiotic little starlet who is publicly announcing her plan to remain a virgin until her wedding night. She flaunted her credentials as a Christian and the values her (too-exposed reality TV show) family. She posted a list of tips on her blog...cute, really. She says to stay out of your boyfriend's bedroom, and keep him out of yours. Because "All alone in a bedroom with the doo
  12. Skye here. I'm one of Copper's Insiders. I know the rules of AS and will do my best to adhere to them. I hate it when Aqua gets sick. And I'm about ready to stop scheduling podc appoints on Tuesday mornings so we can see Aqua in the afternoon (thus saving a trip). Virtually every time we have tried to make that work, we've got a call from Aqua's office saying she's unwell. Like today. Fortunately, I'm in decent shape. Most of us leader-types are. With one blazing exception. Copper. I was able to coax her to the surface long enough to eat a donut....though it took quite a bit to call her
  13. I remember you, Real. Welcome back
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