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  1. Making Changes In My Life

    I hope it helps you.
  2. The only "friend" I trusted for a long time violated my privacy with details related to the incident, spreading them to someone else (probably using them as a prop in some cattiness towards me) and tried to apologize a year later with the excuse of "I couldn't see you as being hurt". because I always kept my composure before this, I guess. and then, as if this genuinely explained everything, told me "I couldn't see you as being human". I know it's not much compared to a lot of the previous replies from people in this thread, but I've spent the last year feeling inferior to everyone, like some ghost of a person, and every time I think about this response, it hurts more. I'm human. I'm human. Why can't I deserve the same decency as anybody else?
  3. Work Issues Forum?

    This is a good idea. What if you made it work/school? I know a lot of users probably have to deal with college or even high school, too.
  4. A Little Scared.

    It's a great place to start. I haven't been here too long either, and I've been totally amazed at how supportive people are to each other. There's a lot of really useful topics and kind people. I hope it helps you too.
  5. Dear Me

    editing out.
  6. Introductions

    Congrats on making it so far already. This forum's about as friendly and understanding as anything I've seen online, so I hope you find what you're looking for.
  7. From Victim To Survivor To Thriver

    I'm new to the forum and figuring out what happened/how to move on, and I never thought that so much of what's going on could be universal like this. I thought it was just me. This chart scared me a little, but I'm glad I saw it so I could figure out what's just me and what's bad aftermath that I might be able to work past. I had all all victim with a few middle ones and maybe two that just didn't apply all-around. Thanks for posting it.