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  1. Hi Everyone! New Here And Could Use Some Friends :)

    Yes I would love to change my current screen name, LoL! Thank you so much for offering to help. Do you chAnge it? If so, I would just like to use my name if that is possible ~Christy~ Thank you much
  2. Good morning everyone...I am thinking that I shouldn't have picked this screen-name now, it makes me feel like a brute or just a downright complainer. Which I am not. Anyway, a little about me; I am 39 yr old single mom of two great teenagers {daughter is 17 and son is 19}. I am divorced and have been divorced since 1994. I am however dating a man who I cherish to death and who loves me with his whole heart as well. So I am keeping my fingers crossed! I live in the Midwest; Ohio to be exact. I do not work outside of the home, I am actually on permanent disability {fibromyalgia and one or two other reasons why}. So what do I do all day? I am an avid crafter! I eat, sleep, and breathe crafts! I make handmade greeting cards and sell them. I am also on a couple design teams for company's where I make cards for them either using their product or a sketch, etc. I truly love it and would have gone insane years ago had I not found this hobby gone wild, LoL! I also have 4 kitties... I cannot think of anything else to write for now. I do love talking and chatting on forums and making new friends. Lately its been hard for me to actually leave my home...I just don't like it, so I turn to online. I will end with this, I think this forum/group will be a God send for me, and I cannot believe I never looked to see if there was a place such as this before. But I am here now. I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you all better. Thanks for letting me share!