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  1. Welcome to AS lumbeesunshine.
  2. Hi Sunshinee, I'm in the same situation you are, I remembered something long forgotten, and I'm hoping to find some help dealing with them here. So far my experience here has been very good.
  3. Hey. You need a little alone time. I get that. It might be a good idea to ask family, or friends whether they're able to look after your kids for a few days so you're able to mourn properly. Otherwise, you'll be bottling it all up inside, for your kids sake, I see how it's important to maintain that unshakable strength for them, just as long as you're not taking that idea too far and hiding your humanity. Maybe there's a delicate balance between keeping your composure, and mourning openly, and honestly while your kids are around. Maybe a discussion with them is needed so they can understand wh
  4. Thank you everyone, I feel really welcome
  5. Hi, thanks for the welcome everyone.
  6. Hi Dakota, I hope you're not at risk where you are, and you find some security, and can feel safe again.
  7. Hi Joce, I get how a person can avoid their past. I recently discovered that I'd suppressed/was suppressing what had happened to me years ago. Although it's like I've lost all those years to that, I've only begun dealing with it since I remembered/realised. Part of the pain of that includes the loss of those intermittent years of my life, and the way I've lived my life during that time. I'm glad you're confronting the past to move forward. I hope I can as well.
  8. Hi Scout, I think I'd like a T like yours. I appreciated your kind words. I don't see a therapist since I'm afraid of talking about a lot of things from my past - I find the internet less threatening, and less real. I dread the reaction I might get from a therapist. I'm sure there'll be a distinct lack of caring :/ Is your therapist genuinely caring?
  9. Hi Moves, I haven't shared my story with my parents yet either. I don't know who to approach for understanding and empathy. Hopefully you get that from your Mum.
  10. Hi Clara, Everybody has differences. Those who understand this should appreciate you for who you are.
  11. Hi Rose, I have a similar barrier to sharing these issues. I think it's scary for me because people would judge me harshly as though what happened would reflect on my man hood. Is your reason for not wanting to share based on being judged by others?
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