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  1. welcome, i think its so great that u are so supportive of the survivor in ur life. he is lucky to have u. hoope to see u around the boards. take care.
  2. hi. i hope u can find peacr and healing here. try to be kind with urself. take gentle care.
  3. hi. i hope u find all the support u need here. everyone is very kind and its just a great place! take care
  4. hi & welcome.....i love crafts too but cant seem to find the mental focus or energy to do much. i mostly like scrapbooking & sewing. i have 2 wonderful cats...the one in my profile picture is named lazarus. he has such a personality. well, i hope u feel at homme here. take care
  5. welcome! hope to get to know u better! u will find much support and understanding here imo!
  6. welcome ghost! i have found everyone here to be very supportive and kind. it is an active board, so i hope its what ur looking for. hope to get to know u better.
  7. hi and welcome! i hope u can find comfort and support here. hope to see u around!
  8. hi katie! welcome! i hope to see you around the boards. take gentle care.
  9. hi roxy, i didnt know u before but i hope to get to know u this time! im on disability too. it sounds like u have lots of great hobbies, and family around u. those are special things. i wish u luck with ur therapy. take ccare!
  10. hi emmy, i really admire u for reporting it! thatw as really brave of u. everyone here is so kind and supportive. i hope to get to know u better!
  11. i am so sorry that u and ur child were hurt. i hope to get to lnow u better and hopefully with the rest of AS, provide support and hope. take gentle care.
  12. didnt know if this was directed towards me or hadassah so am just responding now. hope i didnt offend u or make u upset or mad. if it is toards me, thank u so much for even thinking about thinking about me! its very kind of u found.
  13. just wanted to add my "hi". u said hi in my intro, but i dont think i responded. was very nervous here at first...first couple days, but am feeling a lil better. anyway hope to get to know u better.
  14. thank you all for welcoming me here. i hope to get to know u all better. thanks
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