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  1. My birthday is listed under my name when I post. How can I remove that?

    1. SilentBird


      Go to your profile.
      Click on "edit profile" located top right of cover photo.
      You will see your bday,

      Change the month, day and year to the "blank space" option that's above the month, day and change the year to "not telling".

    2. SugaEve


      Thank you for responding.

      I did as you said, but I can still see my bday under my name when I post. Can you also see it? Or is it just something I can see?

    3. SilentBird


      I think you see it but no one else does. I can't see yours. I changed mine the way I told you and I still see it, but I don't think you can. Go here and see if you see my bday under my name. 

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