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  1. I am not there yet, every day at some point it manages to rear it's ugly head, although it is a lot less than it was.
  2. believe me, I feel your pain it is absolutely rubbish. The innocent is made to feel guilty it is absolutely infuriating. I was also let down by the system, and I too still feel angry about that so I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that you are not alone and I hope there is still another way to get justice. Alice
  3. Hi Waywardgirl Welcome to AS I am sure you will find this sight a true blessing and a place to say exactly what you need to say and get the support you need. Alice
  4. Hello and welcome! I know you will find some really sweet and supportive people on here, people like FOUND, she is a real gem, she always welcomes new people warmly and offers support to who ever she can. I hope you find this helpful like I do. Alice
  5. Hi and welcome! I know you will get the support and understanding you deserve here. When and or if you feel like sharing your story in a very safe environment, please go ahead. I am so glad you found us here. Take care Alice
  6. Welcome Nicole Yep that sounds like the army!!! A very good friend of mine is over there too. I am sure you will have a wonderful place to be heard on here. Stay safe and watch out for the spiders, I believe they are absolutely massive beyond belief. Best wishes Alice (p.s thank you for having the strength to help others)
  7. Welcome Very sorry to hear about your daughter, it probably wouldn't hurt to take her to the doctor, as for pressing charges, if you want my opinion, I would!! For two reasons firstly so that he is made accountable so he hopefully won't do anything like that again and secondly it is a way of validating your daughter and telling her that her well being is worth fighting for, otherwise in the future she may have issues that nothing was done about it. Take care Alice
  8. You make me F*cking sick. Sorry guys it has only been 6 months.
  9. Hi Helen And welcome, I know you will get the support here that you clearly didn't get from those hideous men. What is with the guy in the doorway that's just weird, normally you see one therapist at a time, he shouldn't have even been in the room. They can't make you be there, and if you don't feel comfortable you have every right to leave when ever you feel like it. I'm so glad you reported them they deserve it. Good for you!!! Alice
  10. Hi everyone I have just joined, looking forward to being able to be open in a safe environment.
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