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  1. i like this: "I can now sit with it and it normally leads me toward a new area of growth" I was talking to my husband this morning and he said something like "You must still be feeling a great deal of pain." and I responded saying yes, but there's a gift [in experiencing this triggering event] that i realize my intuition is powerful and now i am more determined to do the right thing for myself and my family. Thanks for responding and welcoming me. I will say more - in the appropriate place.
  2. howdy, i am 42. and i am growing my voice. it's a whisper mostly. But sometimes it's a roar, at inappropriate times of course. i am a mixture of desperately needing support and very much wanting to help those who haven't made it as far as i have. i have been in therapy off and on for the last 20 years. i have been doing a tremendous amount of growth over the last 5 or so years with my therapist. my marriage and children really have pushed the need/desire to work out the pain. today the pain feels acute. there was a trigger. it makes me wonder - does the pain ever go away? does it dimini
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