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  1. aww fanks muchly everyone
  2. Yes thank you - just talking it a bit slow and plucking up the courage to talk some more. Although, maybe thats a blessing for you all as sometimes there is just no shutting me up.... ;)
  3. Mmmmm coffee cake ;) Always happy to share the sweets, thanks for making me feel welcome everyone xx
  4. Hullo, Im a newbie too. Nice to meet you.
  5. *creeps in and perches on the corner of the desk nursing a mug of coffee and a packet of haribo sweets* *looks around* *waves hello* *big breath* "Morning all, it's far too late, I'm not sleeping (its probably excessive coffee consumption) which is never good cos Im up in like 6 hours. I figured after lurking around not sure what to say, I should just take the plunge and introduce myself to some people. It's such a relief to find somewhere where there's people who'll understand and stuff" *slurps coffee and offers her sweets to share*
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