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  1. Welcome To AS Watergirl, You don't have to be alone anymore. We are here for you. You were so strong to report it to the police. Take Care and Be Safe! Disney (Teresa)
  2. Welcome Kat.... You're so right...This board does make us feel less alone and stronger. Since I put my story out there, I have seen a huge change in me and the weight I've carried around for so long has been lifted... Disney
  3. Disney


    Soph, we always drift off from time to time, but always remember, even the new members (such as myself) always care about you....
  4. Welcome to AS!!! You are not alone and always remember, it was not your fault.....
  5. Disney

    New Here

    Welcome to AS, Dino!!!
  6. Disney

    New Here

    Welcome! Please make your self at home.....
  7. Welcome to AS, Kevin. You will find many wonderful people (both male and female) who understand and can relate.
  8. Welcome back... I am a fairly new member, but you're always welcome. (I am sure you already know that). Take Care
  9. Disney


    Welcome Moonsong
  10. Welcome to this wonderful and supportive message board. As I read your introduction, I can relate. I hope you find yourself at home while you are here.
  11. Courtney, Welcome... You are not alone anymore.
  12. Lela, Welcome. I am glad that you have found us. Feel free to be as open as you would like. We are here for you and we understand where you've been and you'll find the support and comfort that you need.
  13. Welcome to this wonderful, supportive message board. I hope you find yourself at home while here and you don't have to be alone in this anymore. It's great that you have such a supportive husband, but unless they've gone through it themselves, I don't think they could possibly fully understand.
  14. Disney


    Welcome... From here on out, you will 'never be alone'. In the short amount of time that I found this message board, I feel at home and I hope that you will also feel at home. It is very hard to deal with this alone. If you ever need to talk to anyone, along with all these wonderful supportive other folks on the board, I am here for you.
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