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  1. Welcome. I admire you for the strength you have to re-examine your past.
  2. This place helped me a lot when I was also 'past tense of a 4 letter word that starts with r'. Welcome. These people are amazing
  3. I am proud for you! I recently am back after having utilized this page 3 years ago during my own time of healing, and am happy to agree that it gets so much better.
  4. In my own experience in the US Child Protective Services often become involved when a child is the victim of SA or DV. In many cases, this leads to removal of the child from the home which may result in re-traumatization. Unfortunately, family permanence and reunification is not a goal of Child Protective Services and many trauma exposed children remain in the foster care or group home system. This is a terrible way that we have of dealing with the problem in the US. Most of the other services available are therapy, in particular there is an intervention called Trauma-Focused Cognitive Be
  5. Three and a half years ago, I utilized this site in conjunction with intensive therapy in the aftermath of SA. Having a place to go that was separate from therapy where I knew that there were people who kindly recognized my need to be heard made a difference in my recovery. Therapy worked in a different way as it addressed my severe symptoms of PTSD. Today, my life is unrecognizable from what it was when I utilized this message board. I would like to thank those who have the courage to speak up through this venue and others as well as those who somehow manage to listen despite what they ar
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