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  1. You're sitting on my coffee cake. (slurp, wave)
  2. Hi. Glad you found this place. The people here are wonderful. If it helps, remind yourself, regularly, of the proof you have that you are meant to be alive, that the decisions you've made for yourself were your right to make, and that making those decisions (and living with the consequences, both good and bad) taught you important things and helped make you stronger.
  3. Lipstick


    Thank you so much nothingsweet and whimsical1, and again, thank you found.
  4. Lipstick


    Thank you nikang. I've already been so inspired by the many threads I've read here.
  5. Lipstick


    Thank you Phoenixgirl and Dodo.
  6. Lipstick


    I've no idea what happens 'after the silence' - many terrible secrets are safely locked inside me. I'm thankful for having such a place to lurk, and learn. Thank you. Many years ago, a woman told me her terrible story, not knowing I was stumbling along behind her on a similar path. I've clung to her story to this day as a constant reminder that we are stronger than we imagine ourselves to be, and no matter what is done to us, we can and should overcome and continue to be positive contributors to the world around us. She was all the proof I needed to understand that no matter what happened to
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