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  1. Thanks everyone. I wish everybody healing and love
  2. Thanks, i hope that i can heal some more too xx
  3. I think that it has been over 2 years since i last posted here and a lot has happened since then....unfortunately more trauma and abuse. I don't know if anybody will remember me but i just wanted to say hi to everybody.
  4. Thanks dragon Your words to me and Ninnie are very kind. She is feeling very warm and protected by me tonight. I like to wrap the duvet around us. Ninnie feels quite snappy right now. She tells me "I AM ALONE" in a very sharp loud voice. When she heard that she wasn't i stopped crying I did some left handed painting earlier on my bedroom wall ( am decorating). Straight away i heard " i am no good at this, i am rubbish". I reassured her it just takes practice and she will do fine. Cuddles are very much appreciated
  5. my little Ninnie would like to say hello. She would also like some hugs plz, she has been crying today.
  6. Hi I feel so relieved that i have somewhere to come and talk to others who understand how i feel. Hope to get to know people soon xx
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