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  1. stitch222


    Hi Misa, I am a mom as well , i hope you find AS helpful as i did... welcome! stitch222
  2. Hello all, Im back - ive been a way for a while. hope everyone is well. I am doing good - jus tmiss all of you. Michelle
  3. Welcome to AS emelia1502. Please know that we are all here for each other. I hope you enjoy AS as much as I have. michelle / stitch222
  4. Welcome to AS Sadient! Go at your own pace and know that this is a great forum. Michelle / stitch222
  5. stitch222


    jrock, i want to welcome you to AS, this room has been so helpful to so many and i hope it helps you too. Michelle
  6. Hi catzoo33, Welcome to AS, i hope that you find this forum quite helpful and if you need anything please contact us. Michelle
  7. Hi Una! Welcome to AS! I hope you find that this forum is very comforting and helpful to all. Please feel welome here as I have for a few months now myself. Contact me anytime. Michelle / aka - Stitch222
  8. Hi Bridget, Welcome and I hope you find AS a very supportive place... I have. Michelle
  9. Welcome - Misty I am glad you found AS. I recently found it here and have done the same as you, I put it behind me and hoped to forget it until it bit me. Please know we are here to support you though this. Know that you are a strong person and that you too will prevail. I believe that. hugs and look forward to talking to you Michelle
  10. Hello, I am new here too my name is Michelle - I am also 34... If you need to talk please let us know. M
  11. hi jackie, Im new here too, Im Michelle (aka - stitch222)
  12. I can completely relate and I am new here too. Feel free to message me. Im going through a hard time as well right now. It helps to know that there are others that truly do care... stitch222
  13. wow - this topic hits home with me i keep hearing from my friends and my husband *sigh* you need to stop dwelling on it and it will get easier - i dont dwell on it geezum crow it makes me so mad and makes me want to cry that they would even think that i also hear from a nother friend well if you had more s*x with your hubby maybe it wouldnt bother you so much... - yes this is the exact statement... i was stunned.... i want to cry - sorry stitch222
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