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    My family is my main interest. I have been an avid believer in self help, despite my falling down, and keep working on it. I am not religious, I am very spiritual. I have eclectic beliefs and love nature and the Earth.<br />I love to draw and am good at it, not bragging, not much I can say I am good at and feel truthful and so I add that. I write all the time, write poetry, and I read a lot. I love music of all types, save for rap and gangster and I'm not much into country.<br />I love to watch movies that I have seen and thus, I have a large movie collection. I sing in my car and do not watch the odd looks I must get from other drivers. I like to sing, it feels good. I try to do my best and to be a good person.

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  1. You were NEVER a mother :nonono: :nonono:
  2. Well very shy and quiet person, Welcome to AS. I am glad you found your way to this place of acceptance and healing and support. Do whatever you need to at your own pace and keep coming back, it helps. I am Dragon, btw. Hugs, if they are okay and again, Welcome.
  3. The neglect is such a big part of a life of trauma. It ranges from emotional to medical to daily needs like food and clothing. That does not even touch on the way it changes our lives. I think it would be a good idea to have a place for that specifically. I know it would be someplace I would post and read.
  4. Hi Scout Welcome to AS and I hope that you keep coming. Helen was a truly amazing individual wasn't she? I like the quote, it is fitting. I hope to "see" more of you and share what you feel comfortable with and know that without needing to be understood, although you will find that is a big part of the beauty of this place, you are accepted. Hugs to you if they are okay and I am glad you found the door to the road for your journey to a healing place. I am sorry that anyone ever hurt you. It was wrong and they should not have. Hugs and blessed be Dragon
  5. Hi Nikki I hope you find the support and acceptance here that you cannot find in other places. Please know that you are not alone and you are most welcome. This is a place where there is no need for a mask or a false face. You are on a new path, a path to healing. I hope that your journey is one that brings a true smile to your face. Dragon
  6. I should welcome more often. Welcome to AS and I am so glad you are here. It is a most wonderful and supportive place to learn and heal and express feelings that are not always understood outside of our little cyber community. Hugs, if they are okay Dragon
  7. I wanted to welcome you to AS and say that I am glad that you chose this place over isolation. We are all so isolated in life already. I was born in Texas, some place called Monahans? Hugs if they are okay Dragon
  8. :butterfly: Hi Ambie I remember you very well. I wanted to hug you the first time we met, but if you go around hugging people, they sometimes hit you, lol. I will hug you the next time I see you. You are such a beautiful young woman and, yes, I did see behind your eyes. I waited a few days to come back to the store as I didn't want to frighten you. I am speechless really, and that is not my norm. I can only say that if everything that I ever experienced in my childhood and youth helped you, it was all worth it! I am more than happy that you found the site and that you have made connections with some of the wonderful people here. We all have our own personal profiles and you can leave a personal message if you ever want to. I wept when I read what you wrote, as well as the replies. I will never forget reading your initial words. Thank you for letting me be a part of your world and I am so proud of you for taking the step forward and looking AS up. Welcome, welcome, welcome hugs are always okay, so hugs and Blessed Be Dragon :rain:It's raining a lot today, but my heart feels warm and it's a really wonderful feeling
  9. Hi Audry I am glad you found the site. I have found it to be most helpful and hope that you do as well. I understood most of what you posted in way of diagnosis, but the last two I did not know? GAD and PCOS? I am sorry you were hurt and glad to hear you have support from your spouse. As for being isolated, I can remember when my kids were little, it was difficult. A suggestion, if it's okay, is to make some play dates with other Mom's. They can come over to your place and socialize while the little ones play. So, hello and welcome to AS. I am glad you are here. Hugs, if they are okay Dragon
  10. My thoughts exactly with the "not just five words" statement. =) Five words just doesn't do it for me. I have to agree. I would really feel that an outlet specifically for the purpose of writing to our abuser/abusers could offer a different type of healing. I have a lot I'd like to say. Dragon
  11. Too many abusers, so I just picked a few. You were never my mother. You never destroyed my spirit. You are not my stepfather. I was only a child! That was not real love. I did not want to. I had trusted you! I survived it after all.
  12. My brother, on the abuse I experienced that he only remembers bits and pieces of..... "It would be better if you stopped dwelling on the past and looked to the future" or "keep your chin up, you are stronger than you think" "Why do you think about it all the time? Focus on something else" "It was a long time ago and you should be better by now" " I only expect you to do your best, that's all" "I helped you last year because I felt so guilty about what happened when we were kids" He was rescued and I wasn't. His "help" came at the cost of any crumb of pride I might have scraped off the floor and why wasn't it out of love? "I have been there for you and the kids for twenty years and I came to see you every weekend when I lived in NYC and I've always tried to be there for you." No mention of love, or of him feeling he was getting anything out of our relationship, all about what he had done and how much he had tried and so on and so forth..... Today, on my inability to pay my counselor anymore and not being able to see her now. "Why can't you go? How are you going to manage without counseling?" He was the one who offered to pay my copays so that I could F*cking go! Then he decided to stop after I ended up in the hospital. "I love you, but....."
  13. Hi Rose that is a really awesome idea. I feel it has made trust that much more difficult and has created a great deal of my distorted thinking. I would like a thread for that too. Hugs Dragon
  14. I'll admit that I am not a big fan of country music. Some of it I like and most not. I do like John Denver, rip. and remember singing his songs and playing guitar with my sister Tina. I had to put a roast in the slow cooker so that it would not go to waste and so I was cooking on the stove and all that stuff. I have a small clock alarm and cd player in the kitchen and the cd was a hits cd by John D. I was singing, as usual and decided to sing to my Inner Child. She likes music, even if she doesn't come out much to sing it. There are songs that can be seen as romantic and if you take the romance out of them and just listen to the promise of love, they can fit differently. So, I sang to my Inner Child. It was okay, my teenage son's had no idea I was doing anything different than what I always do, singing when music plays. She liked it, and I felt okay doing it. I just thought that maybe it could be and idea for someone else to try. Music is such a basic thing and not really in need of language, so maybe it would breach the gap so many of us feel between the people we are now and the child hiding inside. Hope it helps, or doesn't hurt. hugs and hugs and blessed be Dragon
  15. Hello Lil One I am Dragon, the good kind. I have silver sparkles in my wings and the tips shine like diamonds. I am sorry you are sad today. I know that Angel will take very good care of you. I'll hug her and she can hug you and hen maybe I can hug you too. Would that be alright Ninnie? I want you to know that your are safe and there is nothing to hurt you today. It is a safe day. You are safe Ninnie. Can you hug Angel? She needs a big hug, just like you. You are such a brave little girl and it's okay to peek out and see us, to see me and to see Angel. She would like to see you and to help you feel loved and safe. You can trust Angel, Ninnie, truly, you can. I am sending lots and lots of safe and gentle Mother hugs for you and for Angel. If you wanna crawl into Angel's lap for a while, she will let you. She loves your more than cake and ice cream! Hugs sweetheart Dragon
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