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  1. Introducing My Blog

    Heya my name is kirsty this is my blog. It will. Be potenially Triggering. I plan to share aspects of my. Healling journey as well as my story. Today is just. An introduction and. This is my. Blog. Brief. Introduction. To my story I was child sexually abused from the age 4-7, I was raped 3 times. By. Differnt people aged 15-19. And. In. The last. Year I have had a very sexually violent relationship. I will. Go into. Details about all of this at another point,
  2. Unsure

  3. Hello, My Name Is Embeth

    welcome hunni hope u find the support u need here. hugs hunni
  4. New Here And Really Afraid I Wont Be Welcome

    hiya hunni welcome to as glad your here well done for joining
  5. well this is 4 letters why rape a stanger
  6. New

    yh its easier than i thought it would be to find my way arround the boards
  7. New

    hi im new here. i would just like to say hi to all you survivours. im really nervous. this is a big step for me. its taken me 3 years to do something like this