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  1. hi and welcome to AS. I'm sorry you have had to deal with this on both ends, survivor and supporter.
  2. I actually got a membership because I wanted to see everything it had on me. It seems to have me and at least two others mixed together. Has a pic of my house, that's two yrs old. The ramp is now gone. The van is gone. The lilac bushes are present now ... it pulled up a MySpace page, I've never been on MySpace. It brought up two Facebook pages, neither one mine .. it shows me married, to someone I don't know. I was very surprised at what it didn't pull up, as it's very public like news public and fairly often(on the board of directors for a local club).
  3. welcome to AS, pull up a chair and hang out a bit. there are some great people here
  4. Hello and welcome to AS...I hope you find what you need here
  5. I've been doing a lot of reading Found. I'm at work and it's quiet, so to much time to thing and ponder, and cry.
  6. Hi and welcome. I don't let the holidays stress me. Of course when It comes next week and I'm NOT done with christmas shopping, then maybe
  7. Thank you for the welcome. The last couple nights have been rough for me, and knowing there's someplace I can go where people understand helps.
  8. 23 yrs ago I was raped by my cousin. I was 13. Over the years I had thought I had dealt with it and things were ok. He was arrested and convicted after molesting foster kids in his parents home, never arrested or tried on mine. It was 3 yrs after it happened that my parents found out. I was ok until recently. In August he received a kidney transplant. I guess I've lived knowing he would be dying, and now that its not happening the anger and hurt is all here again. My mom told me last week I need to just get over it. I wish I could. I haven't talked to mom since. Christmas, first time in 10
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