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    ACCESS P.O. Box 1965 Ames IA 50010 (515) 232-2303 (crisis) not in service (800) 203-3488 (crisis) not for mental health! for domestic violence and sexual assult.
  2. Welcome I joined for similar reasons. be proud for seeking support, you will find it here. You are begining a VERY long and extremely difficult road to healing. Sometimes it will seem to get worse and not be worth it. PLEASE remember in those times; it is perfectly fine to take life one second at a time and do nothing but breath when you need to and cry if you want to. relapses, struggle, and pain are all part off this incredible journey. (I've been at it for over 5 years and it still sucks most days). There is hope, there is peace, and there is joy. And YOU DESERVE IT!!!! welc
  3. Very welcome. great to have you!!!
  4. Wooo whooo!!!! our new T believes in us!!!!!! Yay!!! I hope she keeps going. This T said she'd even color with me. and she has toys in her office and a really fuzzy puppy that looks like a rug. Party inside our head, everyone can come out now and we can even get our house fixed back up and live with the others!!!!
  5. well said, and in agreement, Than you
  6. fun!! finger paint? I'll color with you. whats your favorite color?
  7. Oh my Gosh! my littles are soooo excited. I have a bat (real flying kind) living in my basement walls. It's tough when they get so excited though, puts me in kinda a manic state. which oddly interferes with my home electronics. I think I'll take them bat hunting tonight that will make them happy.
  8. WOW! i m so glad i found this "thread". my little's are not rally ready for the "party" room. I will definately be back here!
  9. That sounds awefle ive doubted myself at times cuz the 1st one was at age 12 but i realized I have only wanted it to not be true so hence the doubt. You didnt deserve whatever happened to you and I wand to welcome you to After Silence. You are safe here. Anything you say wont get out and you can tell everyone anything I find it so theriputic (Excuese my terrible spelling) Message me if you ever need to talk! I am here for you! <3 safe hugs if ok!! thank you!
  10. Hello, Obviousely I'm new. it's so hard to just start. I've been hiding my pain, fighting denial, flashbacks, blackouts, and desperately seeking help for 25 years now. (and I'm only 31). I keep doubting myself, If I can't remember all of it, did it really happen? Then I have flashbacks that my husband recounts to me because I black out. I just can't shake it off.
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