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  1. thank you everyone for all the welcomes and the support! I really do appreciate being acknowledged
  2. Hi Cturtle! i like your name. i think its brilliant! . I know what you mean by being discouraged all the time and just trying to get through each day. I've had lots of those days. Ive been working on these issues just recently and sometimes it can be overwhelming, but i think it helps to know that you are not alone so I hope this site can help you
  3. Hey everyone!! I just joined this and I'm really happy I found this site. Ive been going to counseling and using my resources but sometimes I cant help feeling alone with all my overwhelming feelings. I am a college student and it doesnt help that its the week before finals so I am stressing out ALOT! I thought I'd check this out and see how this goes. It makes me happy that theres something like this that I can talk to others about my feelings as well... so bear with me!
  4. Hey Im new too!!! Thanks for sharing! I completely understand how you feel and it gives me comfort that we are not alone and there are other people here to support us!!
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