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  1. Just Saying 'hello'

    Welcome sonic! Even though it's hard sometimes, you're not alone and you're important. Katerine
  2. Just Saying Hi :)

    Welcome Shannon! Take care. Katerine
  3. Hi. I'm New Here

    Welcome Sarah! Try to treat you as gently as you can, because you deserve it... Katerine
  4. Another New Member

    Welcome Anna! Take care Katerine p.s. Thank you for your website.
  5. Hey Everyone

    Welcome Nick! Best of luck for your projects. Katerine
  6. Hi *waves*

    Welcome Allison, make yourself comfortable here, you are not alone. Katerine
  7. Hellooooooooo!

    Welcome Jen, I'm glad for the help and support you already received. Take care. Katerine
  8. I would like to add my welcome to the new members. Even though you may not feel it right now, you are great, wonderful persons. It takes courage to come to a board like this and seek help, comprehension, healing. Remember that you are never alone, there is hope to go through the storm and find the peace and rainbow on the other side. Never ever give up, relax, take a break when necessary. You deserve to have a beautiful and safe life. Take precious care of yourself. (((safe hugs))) tulip P.S. Thank you Carole for the link, it's so peaceful.
  9. New Kid On The Block

    Welcome queenie, take your time and post whenever you want. Take care. tulip
  10. ...that's Me...

    Welcome conny, I'm sorry for what you went through, but I believe there is hope for healing. Take all the time you need and try to treat you gently, because you deserve it. (((safe hugs))) tulip
  11. Welcome Samantha. It particularly touches me to see that you are so young. Be gentle with yourself and take the time you need to feel comfortable here. ((safe hugs)) tulip
  12. Hi - I'm New Here!!!!

    Welcome missruby. I'm sorry for what you went through and that you still suffer, but I think you made good decisions for yourself. I wish you lots of healing and joy. Take care. ((safe hugs)) tulip
  13. New Here

    Welcome laurasinnerchild. Try to be patient and gentle with yourself as you do things to heal. It's a great place here to find comfort and understanding. ((safe hugs)) tulip
  14. howdy

    Hi willow, Your first message gave me hope last week, thank you for coming here. tulip
  15. Another newbie

    Welcome phoenix. You will find comfort and inspiration here when you need some, it's a great place to come. Be good with yourself. tulip
  16. Welcome mouse. I wish you support and comprehension here. Take your time and be good with yourself. tulip
  17. Hello to all!

    Welcome NewFoundLife, you are not alone here. Be gentle with yourself. Welcome too SupportiveBob. I found what you said very beautiful: "the tears are the morning for the child inside". Thank you for saying it. (((hugs))) tulip
  18. to all the new

    Tracy, if you don't mind, I will join my voice to yours to welcome all new members. I wish all of you safety, joy, peace and happiness, one small step at a time. Be very sweet with yourselves because you all deserve the best in life. tulip xxx
  19. Welcome reesa, I will pray for you, you deserve so much to feel safe and secure. Courage. tulip xxx
  20. I'm new

    Hello, I'm glad I have found this message board. I just read the subject's titles and it touches me. I really want to heal, but it's hard to feel alone on this journey, I need to share with people who can understand.
  21. I'm new

    Hello aquapit and ami. I'm really happy I have found this place, it already gives more peace and strength. I will come back for sure, as I go through the healing process. Take care everybody, we are important people.
  22. I'm new

    Thank you, it's so sweet, you made me cry. Have a nice day!