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  1. great idea! here is one of my poems... The Monster Are you afraid of the dark? Or during the day Who were your monsters? And what did they say? I am your friend And I love you too He says it’s ok To do the things that we do Just keep our secret Don’t say a word Or dad will be angry And say you’re absurd Remember …he says…. I am your friend And I love you too He says it’s ok To do the things that we do Don’t you want to feel special? Important to me If you do all these things That’s how it will be And as the time passes The monsters still there Always around you T
  2. sholzy


    Welcome, I hope you find what you are looking for... everyone here is very nice and supportive.
  3. I just wanted to say welcome! I hope you find this sight as helpful as I have thus far... I have been here only a week, and for me, it feels just nice to not be so ALONE! HUGS and well wishes to you!!
  4. Welcome, everyone here is really kind and supportive... I have only been a member for a week myself... I hope you find what you need here...
  5. sholzy


    I am new too... only been here a few days... Welcome.. I hope you find what you are looking for here... Everyone is very kind and supportive..
  6. welcome... I am new too, only been a couple of days... Folks are really kind and very supportive. I hope you find what you need here...
  7. Yes...I will try to walk this road with you... I am scared and terrified, my head is constantly spinning, I feel totally out of control... I am not mastering my thoughts... just trying to take one moment at a time. I hope you have a T, as they say here, I have a great one, if you don't, please try to find someone, a professional, to help you through this. It is very messy... I am scared al of the time... I barely leave my home... but I try every day... sometimes I just open the window, I get some fresh air... I don't know.. maybe sounds kind of simple, but it's a start!!
  8. Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes... that's all for now
  9. I just joined yesterday, not sure if I am posting correctly yet... Don't really know what to say yet... Really just hope not to feel so alone anymore...
  10. Hi, I am new to the sight as well...I always seem to feel alone and different from others... Just reading your first post, I see I am not, and you are not... my story is the same from childhood, and then again later...
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