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  1. Pingin


    Welcome!! Im only new myself, hope you find some support and help here xx
  2. Wow thanks a million Lynn!! xx
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!!! I was abused by my uncle for 10 years, and told my parents and the gardai roughly 10 years ago, im still waiting for my day in court, as he done a runner and its taken this long to find him, but as of april my uncle is in prison as he is a flight risk and awaiting trial, his defense are pulling every trick in the book. At the moment they are getting a judicial review to get it thrown out and of course with this lovely country and its shite system it is taking a life time!! Im due my baby in April and its not looking like i will have had this over with b
  4. Hi everyone, just registered the other evening. Just thought id pop up a hello. In the middle of the court ssystems at the moment trying to get justice. Hard going at times but i have good support! Expecting my second child so plenty going on to keep my head straight!! Hope to get to know ye and have some good chats
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