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  1. Hi Autumn, welcome to AS, i am sorry for the tramua that you have been through. You find this to be a safe place. We are here for you. Patricia
  2. Hi mom, welcome to AS, I am sorry for the trauma that you went through. You will find support here. You will get a welcome from our Newbie support team, they can help you any questions you have but we are all here to support you. Patricia
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    Did you draw this
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    Welcome to AS, you will find support here
  5. you have found a safe place. Patricia
  6. No they are older now but when they were kittens, look out tree lol
  7. Hi Pinkest, welcome to AS. I am sorry for what you have been through. My daughter's are 48 and 44. I have not passed any of my toxic energies on them. They are strong women. Patricia
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    My boys

    Pictures of my daughter having fun, she loves Living Life
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    Nova Scotia

    Some pictures of my daughter Mar.30th 2019
  10. Hi skecher, Welcome to AS. Sorry you aren't in a good place right. You will find this to be a safe place. Patricia
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    Hi bunny welcome to AS. You will find this a safe place but more importantly we understand how you feel and you are not alone. Patricia
  12. Welcome to AS, you are not alone here Patricia
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