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  1. E4ACE8AA-9BA6-4250-AFEC-C54DAD08D5B9.jpeg

    Awwwww he looks just like our cat willow.
  2. Loving LIFE

    Thank you EL,
  3. Loving LIFE

    From the album Nova Scotia

  4. Everyone needs to lunch with a view

    From the album Nova Scotia

  5. My daughter hiking

    From the album Nova Scotia

  6. 20190305130114.JPG

    From the album Nova Scotia

  7. Hidden1 this may help you with some of terms we use on AS 


    And welcome to AS 

    1. Hidden1


      @patriciag thank you! :)

    2. patriciag


      I hope you were able to find it, I noticed the link didn't come up

    3. Hidden1


      @patriciag I was able to find it since I knew where welcome to AS was. It was in the same area and very helpful.

  8. image.png

    I love it, something that all of us should have a copy in front of us
  9. Nova Scotia

    Some pictures of my daughter Mar.30th 2019
  10. 20190305125803.JPG

    From the album Nova Scotia

  11. 20190305125818.JPG

    From the album Nova Scotia

  12. Winter

    From the album Nova Scotia

  13. Hi

    We all feel alone and it's a hard place to be, but remember you are not but more importantly we understand, we are only a heartbeat away
  14. Hi

    Hi GoldenChild welcome to AS. I am sorry for the tramua you have been through. I have gone through. Much the same. You will find support here and you are not alone here. Patricia
  15. I have a new look, for years I have coloured my hair, something my mother would not approve of, her feeling was to look young, be perfect. So this picture is all natural,  it's me and I like it.

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    2. AKB


      I can so relate with a Mom not approving of her daughter's look! I think you're natural look is beautiful and very you. I'm trying to figure out my own more natural look as I have gotten blonde highlights for years but now my "underneath color" is a dark brown with new silver strands coming in. We all have a choice in who we choose to be and how we show up. I'm inspired by your natural choice just not sure I want to wait to grow it all out!  Thanks for showing the way.

    3. EmptyInside


      Your photo certainly got my attention as I browsed the forums briefly before I got to this post! You honestly are beautiful they way you are! But it’s not just that, you look happy and kind and caring too, but some of that might be because I’ve read your posts and I know how kind you are.

    4. CrimsonQ


      Beautiful. :throb: 

      I recently gave myself a buzz cut and I know many people would not like it, because women are expected to have long hair, but I feel free and comfortable with it. 

  16. hello. im new here

    Welcome to AS, you are not alone here Patricia
  17. FB_IMG_1550256677919.jpg

    From the album Nova Scotia

  18. Winter in FB_IMG_1550256715971.jpg

    From the album Nova Scotia

  19. Light house

    No I am not a photographer, just like taking pictures and thank you
  20. Light house

    From the album Nova Scotia

  21. Just looking for support

    Hi Gom you will find support here. Patricia
  22. Newbie Saying Hello

    Hi welcome to AS. It's hard to open that door and know there is so much pain in there. The one thing I can tell you it does get better. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it. You will find support here and sad to say there are many who understand what you are going through. You are not alone here. Patricia
  23. I’m new and not sure what to do

    Hi VV, welcome to AS, sorry for trauma you will find support here. Patricia
  24. newbie

    Welcome to AS