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  1. Your fine just the way you are Dear Mini Me I’m sorry no one told you how sweet and pretty you were. You were an innocent and honest little girl, and you deserved to be loved and cared for. No one deserves to be called stupid, fat, or told eyes. You were given too much responsibility from a young age and you had to learn to look after yourself and your siblings. I’m sorry your mother abused you under the umbrella of strict discipline. No child deserves to drink their own blood, whipped with a wire or poked in the eye and all the other cruel things she did to you. Constantly living in fear of attack and being told “I bought you into this world and I can take you out” no one deserves to live in fear of dying. It’s not a nice way to live, and it unfair and I’m sorry you had to live like that. I know you weren’t allowed to have friends, and that shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. You are no bodies’ property and you deserve the right to have freedom to play to laughs and to make friends with who you choose. Im glade you found a way through all the heart ache and pain. I know you spent many minutes, hours, and days day dreaming and you very much enjoyed the ability to escape from reality. I also know you learnt to turn off you feeling and emotions from a very young age , I’m glad you were able to protect yourself. I’m sorry no one came to help you but I’m proud you made it own your own. You sheltered life and your obedient quiet personality made you a target from sexual predictors. I’m sorry you had to endure so much pain in silence. I hope you know you are not to blame and have never been. I have and I always will always love you and it’s important that you remember that, because without you I would not have become the bright, articulate, loveable young lady you see today.
  2. Hello Patrica Im new here too, wish us both the best of luck. Im finding putting the words is writting helping me get through my exerince of sexual abuse
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