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  1. I am realizing how far I have come, I am amazed I survived, and I am so proud of who I have become. 

    1. snmls


      That's wonderful!  

  2. Hello Im New

    A song for insperation - Hero
  3. Hello Im New

    welcome im here for u any time just message me hun. im always here fir anyone. None of mine went to jail and yes it does feel like we our trapped in our body this cell we are not aloud out of. We cant excape the pain of the past until we deal with it and except in and all that blah. But you know you got friends on here to help you with that. You know all the blah but I am here never forget that!
  4. New Here

    I am Sarah, I am 17 too if you ever wana talk feel free to message me Welcome to aftersilence I hope you find this place very theripudic. I know I do, I been raped 4x 1 person did two of them. I been throw alot and bullying too I am here for you if you wana ever tlk.
  5. Hello

    I am here for you any time hun you can private message me anytime you want I hope you find alot of comfort here i know i do :D
  6. Link To Site With Sites For Most Of Europe

    thankyou i will pass this along to my friend <3
  7. Saying Hello

    I love your screen name! Welcome to AS...this is a very great place where you are safe to say anything you want and it wont be wrong. Private message me if you ever wana tlk or need someone to listen!
  8. Introduction

    if you ever wana tlk...since your new and prob dk ppl you can private message me any time
  9. Introduction

    Welcome to after silence, you are safe here. You can tlk about anything you want. I am so sorry for want you have had to go through and are going through, you shouldnt have to being endureing that...it isnt right. It also isnt your fault. You are not alone!
  10. Why Am I Here?

    WELCOME i joined late november and this place has helped me so much i hope you find it just as helpful and if you want to tlk you can message me any time I am here for you. If it is easyer to start of tlking to one person then I am here! or just i will listen regardless
  11. Am I Really Here?

    That sounds awefle ive doubted myself at times cuz the 1st one was at age 12 but i realized I have only wanted it to not be true so hence the doubt. You didnt deserve whatever happened to you and I wand to welcome you to After Silence. You are safe here. Anything you say wont get out and you can tell everyone anything I find it so theriputic (Excuese my terrible spelling) Message me if you ever need to talk! I am here for you! <3 safe hugs if ok!!
  12. New Guy Here

    WELCOME!! I came in Dec. Message me ANYtime! I am here for you, I will listen to anythign! safe hugs! (if ok?)
  13. Did You Die That Night?

    I am sorry for what you are going through. I hope you can find some peace and healing here. thanks i hope i can too
  14. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    Travis: Face it you're a rapist. I hope you have changed. I pray for you Travis. Jon: It wasnt consentual you lier. Why'd you tell everyone at school I am an easy sl*t (not 5 words) I will pray for you. and to both.... Karma is a b*tch. Even though they are not worth my time or presence and scare me shitless....so yeah
  15. Did You Die That Night?

    I haven't read your story...sorry. What happened inside me was what you wrote though...that was what I was referring to. dont say sorry I was tryin to understand thats all...