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  1. a while ago there was a post on a place for our inner children to come and be safe. it was never pinned and i cant find it. how do some topics get pinned and others not? thanks for ur help!!
  2. A Dragon Saved My Life

    welcome here! what an awesome story! especially since i know dragon from here and think she is wonderful! wow! how cool! im so glad u are here and reaching out for support. there's lots of hope and healing ahead of u.... i think u've already started :hug: :hug:
  3. Moved Posts

    Kelly, How can a person tell if their post was moved? I posted something and i cant find it anywhere
  4. thanks so much nici! i didnt know there was a dropbox! thanks for supporting me and this topic! :hug: :hug: i sent an email to an admin but never heard back making me feel like a moron! thank u thank thank u
  5. Hi

    :hi: welcome here! i hope u feel safe here and that we can help u along ur healing journey
  6. New

    I'm new too and am having a hard time understanding how to post and all. You may not feel like you survived because the pain and memories are numb or far away but regardless you still got yourself to where you are today and that is surviving to me. I wish you well on your journey.
  7. New