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  1. New And A Bit Overwhelmed

    I tried talk therapy and group and struggled with both I'm gald I have found this site!
  2. Hello

    Hi, I've only just discovered this site and I feel better already just knowing a) I'm not alone b) I can relate to everyone here because we are all dealing with very common feelings and sadly memories c) EVERYONE is VERY supportive and caring which is a new experience for many of us welcome stilltrying
  3. New To As

    Thanks I hope so too
  4. New To As

    I'm "stilltyring" and I'm new to the AS community. My name refers to my continued attempts at recovery. I have read some stories and have posted a few replies. Sadly many of the stories I have read are similiar to my own and yet it is comforting to me to know the feelings I'm having are common. Shame, guilt and feeling alone are my three constant companions as well as wine. Despite the fact I have an amazing husband and two beautiful children yet I can't feel happy, the csa has affected EVERY part of my life and I can't stop it.