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  1. hi khricz welcome i am corrinn nice to meet you. corrinn
  2. hi norah welcome im corrinn some people cry at different times in their recovery. if you aren't cry in group or therapy that is okay. maybe you are like me and dont like to cry in front of people you dont know. in time if you need to cry you will. congrats on becoming free..shout it out loud let the world know you are free you have that right. there is a section in this forum for the song that best describe your recovery or something to that you should post your song..... there is a song with the words Free at Last Free at Last Thank God I am Free at Last corrinn
  3. corrinn7


    welcome natalie...i am corrinn. i hope today is a good day for you. stay strong. take care of you. corrinn
  4. hi krystle....corrinn here. its been awhile since i been here too. things in life got in the way of trying to heal....i understand that. know that if you need the support the people here seem quite nice. take care of you corrinn
  5. hi ray. nice to meet you. it is hard working through all this that is. but take one day at a time. set your own pace. get support where you can. see ya around corrinn
  6. been along time since i posted here well not counting yesterday. so as a refresher. hi i am corrinn. i am quiet until i get to know you then i might open up more. see ya round corrinn
  7. corrinn7


    my name is corrinn i am new here. i am 26 yrs old and i am trying to find some support. i am very uneasy right now..got therapy tomorrow. so i wontt say too much this time. corrinn
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