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  1. facebook page fail? link didn't work on this side of the world either
  2. Cool, you'd think there'd be a better way to correct a typo - and what if you make one and it's so crappy the person correcting it gets it wrong? If posts are edited/threads are edited by others here do we get notified like on other sites I've been to?
  3. cool I'll remember that, thanks dodo, don't think it was a big deal typo anyhow (and I'd have to find the topic again lol)
  4. similar question - I can't work out how to edit thread titles and descriptions when I discover a typo after posting - is there a way to do this?
  5. Definitely possible to not be plagued by thoughts every day. When I started healing it was hard and thought about it, intrusive thoughts, a lot. Most of the time I don't think about it much for weeks (and the thoughts don't bother me so much anymore so it doesn't upset me like it used to), occasionally, often at certain times of year I think about it more (not that I have any specific umm Anniversary as it's called here date - and why call it an Anniversary, not something to celebrate, maybe a good time to burn voodoo dolls of the perp or something lol) and it does get me down and of course coming to a site like this does get one thinking about it - hmm how healthy are sites like this when one is feeling OK for the most part, what do you all think? So many people here seem to be in crisis, or hurting so much especially sexually etc, it's hard to know what to say or where to start to help cause there are so many needing help and who seem just so lost, or blaming of themselves etc etc. Back to the point, It's not like I've pushed it away but I probably don't think about it too much more than other childhood or earlier memories - yeah it happened, it's there, but I'm not there anymore. I agree with mel from melbourne about a good lot of really good counselling helps, I'll also add that good (RL) friends, people who are like family also help a lot Still unsure of the usefulness of the website stuff there is around (I've only just started checking it out since I got broadband) other than to offer advice to others - I guess I'm asking people if they think these sites be counter productive when one gets to a certain stage in healing (cause of course coming on makes me think of the issue more, not that it should be ignored, I guess I've kind of accepted it happened and for the most part moved on - making me question why I joined a support site, and probably why I'm posting here lol, maybe this needs to be a whole topic on here). Sorry I'm rambling and don't want to hijack your thread. In time I have found it does get better, and when I say time, I mean a lot of it, like 10-20 years on and off of healing - but that's an individual thing I think the time factor and it depends on what happened to you as well and how long ago - I'm a survivor of quite severe child abuse. Hope that helped, and starts a discussion perhaps. Edited to add: A change of scenery definitely helps, I don't think I really started healing (despite a bit of counseling I got through my school) until I moved away from my parent's place to go to University.
  6. thanks angeldrummer, good to see another local here, what part of Aussie are you an island off (or you passing off Tassie for it's island as well as state status lol) thanks hummingbird, cute retrogrrl chick pic :D
  7. Thanks Mandi, I hope I find it supportive too
  8. Hi Rachael, thank you, I do hope i find it to be a place of solidarity and that I will be accepted. Thank you so much for the very kind and helpful welcome. Awesome, thanks for the welcome woodlands
  9. Thanks so much, really enjoyed chatting to you too. Lol this place is addictive even the forums, it is wayyyyyy past my bedtime lol
  10. awesome thanks , I was going for the bottom buttons of threads, I kind of missed the other ones at the bottom
  11. Thank you so much Kevin, Astrid and Loves, what warm and wonderful greetings. Thank you all so much
  12. skycat


    Hi, welcome, I'm new too. I just noticed we have vaguely similar usernames, how groovy. Cheers, skycat Heh thanks for the advice I'll try that. And if you ever want to talk to someone who's new swell, or just someone in general, feel free to pm me, Im always online. Good luck with finding your strength too
  13. Hi, Ummm how do I reply to a thread or post without it automatically quoting the person.... or is the procedure generally just to delete the quote manually Cheers, skycat
  14. Awww thanks Tornintwo.... and I get More flowers, awesome
  15. Thanks so much for the welcome whimsical1
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