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  1. Addison


    welcoooooooooooooooome ♥
  2. That was me too, the good kid. When i posted my story on this forum, i titled it "It Wont Happen To Me", because that was how i felt before it happened. It kinda messed with my head and i stopped being the good kid for a long time, i hope that you avoid that common downturn. Anyway, i hope you find the support you need here, and feel free to message me anytime.
  3. i hope you find comfort here. is your username based on the book?
  4. I totally understand that. Well, take some time and read the stories on this site. maybe it will helo you to find the strength you need, for when you are ready. xx
  5. Hey, i'm Addi. Also new, joined for the same reason you have. I'm keen in to join the support and talking.
  6. Hi, i'm Addi. I joined this site yesterday... i've been posting on another site but it doesn't get updated very often; im keen to get to know people who use this site frequently. I've already posted my own story (It Won't Happen to Me) so if you guys read it please leave a comment either on my story or here so i can meet some of you.
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