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    Snowboarding, hiking, fishing, writing, reading, tarot cards, astrology, late night car rides.

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  1. Thanks for the welcomes! We should have short-hand lingo dictionary! I have a few questions What does CSA mean? Child Sexual Abuse? TSA mean? Teen Sexual Abuse? "T" - is that referring to therapist? I just got schooled on (OH) meaning other half. Are there more short hand lingos I should be aware of? Its hard to make sense out of posts when some of the words abbreviated are hard to decipher! Is there anewbie cheat sheet somewhere? Thanks!
  2. Oh and a few questions, I've been browsing the forums and related topics. Everyone here seems to use short hand dialect... It is a bit confusing for me! If you don't mind schooling me on some lingo that would be awesome! Thanks again!
  3. Hi! I'm pretty newish here - only a few weeks old. I've already begun posting in some of the forums and have done come communicating with other members. Just thought I better properly introduce myself instead of just popping in My name is Karen, my family calls me KareBear, don't ask me how I came up with my user name "eddifiedtavous" I have no idea lol, I was probably 16. I like to write, read, hike, camp, fish, hunt. I love my horse Eyesa (Eyesa Jet 2) she is a paint overro, top and bottom, champion race horse, and she is my savior. I have religion issues and I'm still trying to figure whe
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