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  1. Welcome to AS, i hope you will find some help here on your way to recovery..
  2. hope you fell in the dark hole you told me i would fall into if leaving the organisation Sorry..more then 5 words.
  3. Welcome to AS, i wish you well in your healing yourney, and in life
  4. On forum posts like this, mouse-over the person's name, left click it, you will see a dropdown menu, there is an add friend option amongst those
  5. Welcome to AS and am hoping you will find some help here on your healing yourney
  6. Hello and welcome to AS Hoping you will find the support you are wanting and needing on here
  7. Welcome on here, i hope you will find a safe spot on here and all the help you want and need
  8. I'm still new here myself, so i dont know you, but still: Welcome back and hope you find the support you want and need
  9. Welcome here and i hope you find the support you need on here :hug:
  10. Hi everyone. I'm new here, got here on advice of a good friend. I'm a 30 year old male and im a survivor.
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