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  1. welcome to AS. hope you find the ways to get through the healing. i am so sorry for what happened to you. we do care. personal message me anytime. have a nice day.
  2. if you are on this site you don't need to say anything. we know why you are here and i think i can speak for all here that we are happy to meet you. i hope you find the help and support you need. i am very sorry that you have been hurt this way. find your way around and you will post when you are ready and not a moment before. that is the way healing works. and it does work. it just takes a while. each step you take brings you closer to finding the person you were supposed to be. i would like to send hugs to you if that is okay and hope you have a great day. there are a lot of people who
  3. welcome to AS. i hope you find the help you are looking for here. good for you at 17 to begin healing. it is very strong of you to reach for help. take care and i hope to see you around. d.
  4. hello and welcome, i hope you find this site helpful. i know it has helped me through some tough times since i joined. hope you have the same type of experience here. d.
  5. hello and welcome to AS. i hope you find the help you are looking for here. it is a friendly and safe place. you will find a lot of friends here. d.
  6. hello and welcome to AS. don't wait any longer. take care of yourself now. good for you for being strong. we are here for you. d.
  7. hi and welcome to AS. i hope you find the help you are looking for on this site. it is sad any of us have to be here. it does help to know you are not alone. have a great day, d.
  8. welcome blossom, i hope you find the help you need to make this journey. you have come to the right place. any time you need to talk we are here for you. enjoy your day, find good things to think about, go buy yourself some pretty flowers, if your not allergic that is, and smell away. this journey is a rough one but it does get better after every hurdle. it takes time. at least that is how i feel. each hurdle is emotionally draining, so please try to let every thing you may think about get you down. i am having this very issue right now and some days it is really hard to stay positive,
  9. hello, just wanted to tell you that there is lots of company here and we are all ready and willing to listen to whatever it is that you need to say. you will find only love and comfort on this site. we all feel your pain. so chat away, and try to think happy thoughts. here for you any time, d.
  10. welcome to AS. i hope you find the support you are looking for d.
  11. welcome to AS we all are new at one time but it doesn't take long to feel at home. we all know how you are feeling. this is a good place to be. here you will find all the love and understanding you need. i always felt that it was someplace i could go and write down how i am feeling and not one person would judge me. take care of yourself d.
  12. hello and welcome to AS. this is a good place to be. i am sure you will find some help on this site. this whole topic is overwhelming. sometimes you feel very alone. people don't seem to understand but if you keep working eventually we get to where we need to be. d.
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