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  1. Lynn, thank you =) I feel really warmed by everyone here
  2. Encouraging words, they make me smile Thank you all! In a few hours I'm going to see a new therapist for the first time. I have those butterflies like it's the first day of school or something.
  3. I took a walk around a nice lake when I felt myself becoming overwhelmed.
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Kait. I reached out to this forum because I am struggling right now more than ever with the balance of now, tomorrow and the past. Rather than tell my story word for word, I've posted a short snippet that I recently wrote to one of my attackers. In life, there exists beauty and pleasure, inner peace and acceptance, love and compassion. Life has a tendency to take unexpected twists and turns or drops that can cause these wonderful experiences to become buried. For two years I have been digging, desperately trying to uncover the beauty of my life and the won
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