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  1. MzKeys75- No, I have never been to therapy. Only two people know anything about what happened, and they don't know anything except that I was sexually abused. They both guessed it without me yelling them :/ Sometimes I would really like to go to therapy, just because I get so tired of keeping it inside and the guilt and shame just burns me up. But I know that whenever I come close to telling what happened, I feel like I can't breathe. Plus, the circumstances are such that I can't possibly tell my parents, not for anything. Thank you very much for your response, I like the thought that peopl
  2. I've been searching for online things such as this and this one looked pretty good. If anyone knows any others, I'd be grateful. I'm 16 and was sexually abused from about 4(maybe younger) to about 8ish, as well as I can remember. I'm still realizing things about what happened and discovering the trauma it caused. I'm glad to have found this place~ Nice to meet you~
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